Monday, September 30, 2013


the name of the gods,
how many crimes have been commited,
by Law.

Villiages pilliaged,
it evolved into cites,
then whole nations invaded,
Cleansed by the name of our Gods?

Then one wonders why,
if the Gods are so great then why,
do we war with angels and holy beings...
as sons of man,

One starts to consider why do we worship,
the very ones we slain.
if that Power was so 
great, then why did we not
embrace the new race.

For who is not,
made of dust from all the cosmos.
can see the Cosmos
from the blind zero point center of light.
Yet the journey traveled, has been long
outside of self.
the Gods are nothing 
without Self
is nothing withought
the gods. 

in an 108°
9 sided Atmosphere

the Scryer 


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Thursday, September 19, 2013

City Tales

For once upon a time we played out in the city streets,
and with age we learned to appreciate
values of trees.

We had even went paperless and stayed in our homes,
because the forest were hours drives 
We traded in the sounds of birds,
to the chattering machine guns on t.v.
We found ways to capitalize on the masses,
 for sacred knowledge of divinity,
which was free to anyone with 
Ears to Listen.

An Open 

And here we are now,
 more awake.
And here we are now, 
as clear as we can See.

But the dust on my eyelids weigh heavy,
reaching for the hourglass the sand man wields.
I ponder the universe contained within each grain of sand,
the vastness of its eternal integrity housed init-self.
The infinite, 
The Mysteries,
The Songs,
The People.

sharing the same space in the glass,
 thinking each one is different.

Monday, September 9, 2013

When was the day...

When was the day,
We were born out of shadows...
From the hollows of which we,
Came fourth into light of All.
What adds value to this illusion
if we cannot see its truths,
Veil after veil seeking to reach
the center of the Sun,
Trying to figure out how
to preserve the One.
Some days we find heroes...
beyond the stones of immortals.
The songs of the silence share, wisdom's amongst her people.
Let not us be consumed,
the demons cry out for souls...
Re read the ancient riddles, scriptures scribed on
Dragons tongue.
Answers awaiting engraved in walls,
incantations of the neXt generation.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013



Are they harmless?
To Spell...if only we could fathom.

And what do the darkest hours bring? 

That aha moment of light bulbs...changes worlds.

We live on the circles crust failing to reach deep,
 into it's obsidian center of ourselves. 

Internally we wander into the moonlight inhaling her auric  cynders.
Seeking the pages hidden deep within eternal heartbeats ...