Sunday, July 5, 2015

To be.

Telepathize empathy free minds eyes, see with one beating heart. Telekinetic reflections seen in rear view mirrors. Listen close you may hear the universe drum. The cosmos chants the sleep walkers awaken. 
Misunderstood by the self, why must we hold grudges by way of misleading judgments. Synchronic meditation on its own beating heart living at the speed of sight we define gravity. 

There is a thin line, of listening and wanting to be heard. Why is it so hard to grasp transparency made of thin air. Shape shift into atmospheric dust within halls of silence. A new chapter begins. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Trenches of Gods

Setting foot on flaming empires, words are created equal among men of war. Axel Rose, on the radio asking if I "wore a black arm band, when they shot the man who said; Peace could last forever..."

Chakras align like 13 planets with 7 moons divided by the radius held within its spirit. Listen closely as the dead speak and gods parade amongst the corpses. 

Mothers cry as babies ascend, as too the children cry divine tongues as they grow old motherless in a world of madness. 

Following shadows of the undead into eternal froth deep within the filthy minds eye demons lurking amongst the wicked as governments prey. 

The witching hours concecrate circles of life in which we dwell upon asylums of the living abyss in which we share the same breathe.