Sunday, April 26, 2015

Speed of Sight.

If only we could move at the speed of sight. Light would be the only gods. Darkness the goddess. Sound would be a blessing. Would we caress the rain, before it touched the ground beneath the heavens...just to quench the thirst of the flames of hell? 

Tall tales of the madness as we reach for the sky mimicking trees, we speak to ancient ones glowing in our days and nights. Teachings of its secrets whisper in the dawn of they daybreak of dusk. 

Long winters moon the owl soars the knowledge lingers in language of the silent tongues. Within the hearts of All the language of the birds written on the blood cells within. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Once upon a time,

We told campfire stories. 
We read books on papyrus.
We written knowledges on scrolls. 
We shared merry laughter. 
We hunted beasts and gods, not men. 

Angels haunt the night skies, 
Cosmosflauged within the city lights. 
Walls made of faces, facing fractals of the faceless. Demi gods were we while fire walking on heart beats. 

The planets stood still, replacing pain with harmony. Question reality, said the bumper sticker. We ate the brown paper regularly. We had mastered the narrow path of inversion. 

Living in a time of inside out. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New World Order

I let few in. 
Welcome to my world. 
I see happiness in the face of madness lunacy, is what we desire. 

Freely we speak amongst the dead cradle robbing minds eyes from screenings of this disgusting human race. 

Inbred toxic aliens inhabit invasive species evolution is yet to come.

We drink radio active nectar and plague minds of the youth. 
Solar sunflower seeds burnt out empty minded babies wander lust. 

What is it they are seeking broken artifacts form beaches, evil is the new age holy. How many more...times around the circle must be explored? 

While still claiming, To be awakened.