Sunday, May 24, 2015

Poems of madmen

 Thoughts Avalanche like rain, flashing like lightning from the ground to the skies. Some read, some seek, others pry open third eyes. 
 Driven by the laws that govern the universe what is truly divine?
 The universe remains forever give or take a planet it matters not which god you fight for.
 Mouth to ear knowledge is passed through the ages misunderstood and malinterpited by sages. 
 We question reality but fail to see its infinance of galaxies quilted in light and song it's secrets kept in the poetry of mad men. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015


I was to busy trying to save the world I lost myself. I traveled many miles of the dark side of humanity, looking for the beauty in torturous ways. I have seen mad men on soap boxes claiming to be the voice of God, as time stood still. The rapture carried my eyes beyond all the waste tangled in this illusion. Diluted by political agendas and apathy of its people's. The new poison intoxicated the fresh blood seeping into minds of the youth, a nasty new...degeneration.