Friday, December 13, 2013

Operation - Insoniax Doktrine: A Call for Inspiration, Please Participate in this event!

Hello, My name is L.K. Cruz P. i've written
Insomniax Doctrine

Alchemical Whispers: Insomniax Doktrine Vol. 2

"the Works of LKCP2KX",

and other writings scattered through &

I am Looking for anyone to Make videos of my writings and posting them here: please =) i would love to hear it in a video, spoken word, through music, through animation what ever you choose to make it in.

I just ask that you would please credit my writings and the source where you got the writing for copyrights and credit yourselves as well! =) Looking forward to seeing what my writing may inspire, post as many videos as you like, or sound cloud clips, youtube videos etc...

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Patent Bombs

Who holds patents on,
Atomic Bombs?
                  I thirst for,
Atomic Wordz...they say.
Hey mr. post man,
                         ...would you,
       play a song
    ...for me.
Please let it not be,
Star Spangled banner,
I have yet to see freedom,
between all this banter. cyber Tron ica,
Cyber punks gathered,
       a thousand tounges,
          Twist the minds eye.
         ...shallow, is the shadows, empty graves, and rotting tomb stones, closed cashket funerals.
  Six gun shots to remind us of,
Where were we but in the womb, when the cold war froze over.
       Into the NeXt Ice Age,
We are survivors,
          A kin,
     helter skelter.
            The homless still seek,
                 cardboard shelter,
        50% of them
             military  veterans.
50% of them are children.
Addicted, afflicted misery, striped of integrity...they served.
           ...Our land,
souls sold to needles,
upon return to a common,
   thread of epidemics.
       And in the minds eye,
                  the cold war,
          This Great Depression
   ... on the streets of the World, is not yet over.
        We see in the the reflection,
          this Ground Ground Zero,
            when 2 towers fell, and                           birthed heroes.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

As Loud as Gods and Prophets

I feel, like Imploding as if from the outside in,
Insider whistles spreading sacred info to blow down leaders.
In a sea of fallen trees,
I see through eyes of newspapers,
The words assassinated truth.
Lies grow, heavy in the mind.
They smelt bombs with, Dis honorable precious metals.
They fused it with great science and laughter,
Embellished flags with sacred cultural symbols
Stolen from temples of Nepal.
And they hide this knowledge encrypted in Media,
Blindside the youth,
Enslaved their wonder,
Burnt the books before eyes,
They never had a chance to caress a page.
I wonder.
What goes through a child’s mind?
Witnessing worlds of knowledge,
Consumed in a world of fire.
Though the heart remains,
And thirsts for knowledge increased.
We seek what is not War,
We seek something Other than peace,
We need a voice that can be heard,
A voice louder than God itself.
A voice to give is a reason to Do,
Instead of try,
Maybe then we will achieve days,
Where Peace may hold meaning,
Love of Truth may be practiced,
Turning of elements felt,
And every Child,
of the world may experience Wealth.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

See Past

I walked through social media fields,
and have seen blood, lies, and video tapes.
have even seen the sanity,
in madness, and the eyes of the flame.
I touched the finger tips of wisdom,
and seen the blind caress the dead,
I have seen the reflection of all,
in frozen dew drops of time.
I have seen the compassion that war brings,
and the power of destruction it holds.
I have seen the power of forgivness,
and the weakness of the leaders,
we behold.
I have seen many starving children,
the hunger in thier eyes.
the only thing,
that holds them together,
is the Love they have inside.
is that same that is which inside you,
is the same that is which inside me.
which is the same in our leaders,
if we can see past all that greed.



Into space, bend time.
Walk between...silence.
Above the stillness,
Where do gods dance,
Do demons slay laughter...
Open your eyes and,
walk with the dead.
I hear the serpents,
Speaking tongues,
while conversating
Collecting tear drops
of feathers,
Inoculated the moonglow,
Screams so vivid...
As the earth drowned...
Toxific Ocean,
mourn the jelly kin,
Washed a shore.
And there is more of this story, deeper than the earths core,
To tell.
Through smoke of the nine,
Walking through seven,
Turning three keys,
Entered the heavens.
Split tongues,
Minds gather,
Wisdoms fathom...
of twin suns...
Parallel to dragons.
Murky the.
starlit night,
of the soaring angel...
the earth mother takes flight.
Intersect the dweller.
Pendulum swings,
The scryer scribes invocations.
The scripture betold,
From lips to ear,
From ear to infinity.
I now see clearly.
Seek not,
and thee shall find.
Destiny lay not,
In hands of time.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Nightshade Daydreams

I have seen spirits,
of the imortal soul,
I have listened,
to the Banshee speak in tongues...
I have been possessed,
by ghost from all spectrums.

beyond the night,
beyond centers of stars,
beyond the 7 gates...enter the minds eye.

drift into shakti abyss,
find the center of self...
reflected in the black waters of night.

deadly nightshade daydreams,
walking on thin air,
listening to sylphs,
conversate with elves.

the balance,
of what
is that
is above.