Wednesday, April 9, 2014


 Feeling the breathe of her wings on his face, she gives him strength when his vibration is weak,telepathically she speaks with angels. Whispering to demons in silent tongues, they voyage into the abyss beyond the pillars as the watchers watch from thirteen directions. One hundred and eight demigods chant magnetic  language bending dragon lines in time space continuum.

 Prophets scribe instruction to sages from papyrus to stone walls formulas of wormholes to land beyond minds. As time goes on the seventh race has written a new chapter for the new blood that has been sent to cleanse the plagued lands of tainted dominions.

 And this war they spoke of was in the self at the dawn of betrayal, when the shadow eclipsed the center of the sun. Now here we stand confronting our own shadow in its light to define its own definitions.

 On being Human.