Saturday, December 12, 2015

Exploring soul

Woke up one morning,
to decide I am no longer
a slave.

To the war,
humanity, and
the secrets of propaganda,
they hold.

Forbidden thoughts shared
via text message,
the man comes knocking on doors.

I see vision within the wax,
of polished wooden floors.
doors of the minds eye open,
traveling along it's narrow halls.

 Exploring soul,
through meditation.
bound to light without religion.


Sunday, November 29, 2015


Days gazing over moons, children's tears burn like the setting sun. Illuminating halls of exploration revisit innocence of silence. 
The dawn sweeps away affliction the residue of toxic minds, propaganda, & red light cameras. 
Casting shadows upon thoughts, no space thought empty. Value has no allies left depraved in a Cold War within screens bound by minds. 
Walking deeper into her breathe weightless in these meaningless endeavors we risk our time daily. Prophets seeking profit in a new age of telepathy. The reign of the unheard is coming. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Tongue tied in the twisted city streets I roam. Watching the conjugation of the street, when does wisdom birth again. 

His sign read, please for something to eat, as lines form at food carts where do sidewalks end. Tears flood the gutters as children worldwide still starving in fatherless nations. 

I hear scat on sidewalks, rumors soar like eagles while crows still cry love songs into the night. Strolling through train tracks crossing fields of pomegranate gazing into the moon rise. 

She whispered into wind that night as the stars played to rhythms of life...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tongue tied soul

Spirit Walk on
Tongue tied souls,
listening to their propaganda,
in midst of them...
immortal political agendas.

In mockery of sheep,
parade in streets lost
in streets of brand names.

Chasing the wrong dragons,
the one be sought the untamed,
in the core of its mountain sleeping. 

As they lay asleep waiting
for fires of rain that will never,
shower them in this life time.

if you choose to remain
asleep, then choose to learn

If you were just 1 petal of,
infinite lotuses in this dark sea
of eternal light,
painting like stars of blankets of gold.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pondering Thriiice: Insomniax Doktrine Vol. III

Spent many hours hibernating in consciousness, meandering through the abyss made of LED & concrete masonry.  

A long time coming a third book is arising these pages will not be publicized only in print. but I will inform all when published.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

To be.

Telepathize empathy free minds eyes, see with one beating heart. Telekinetic reflections seen in rear view mirrors. Listen close you may hear the universe drum. The cosmos chants the sleep walkers awaken. 
Misunderstood by the self, why must we hold grudges by way of misleading judgments. Synchronic meditation on its own beating heart living at the speed of sight we define gravity. 

There is a thin line, of listening and wanting to be heard. Why is it so hard to grasp transparency made of thin air. Shape shift into atmospheric dust within halls of silence. A new chapter begins. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Trenches of Gods

Setting foot on flaming empires, words are created equal among men of war. Axel Rose, on the radio asking if I "wore a black arm band, when they shot the man who said; Peace could last forever..."

Chakras align like 13 planets with 7 moons divided by the radius held within its spirit. Listen closely as the dead speak and gods parade amongst the corpses. 

Mothers cry as babies ascend, as too the children cry divine tongues as they grow old motherless in a world of madness. 

Following shadows of the undead into eternal froth deep within the filthy minds eye demons lurking amongst the wicked as governments prey. 

The witching hours concecrate circles of life in which we dwell upon asylums of the living abyss in which we share the same breathe. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Eye see

 Meditation on the roots of a tree to center one self in the core of presence. Wandering in the valley of empty space consuming light reflected beyond self. Trying to walk on water to find oneself drowning in debt just to carry a scroll of intellect while trying to stay warm from the heat of a burning soul. Imaginary wings carry away thoughts as the madness applauded standing ovation rise of thoughtless empires. Diluted secrets deprave what was left of humanity, as it was written on walls guarded by the scavengers.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Poems of madmen

 Thoughts Avalanche like rain, flashing like lightning from the ground to the skies. Some read, some seek, others pry open third eyes. 
 Driven by the laws that govern the universe what is truly divine?
 The universe remains forever give or take a planet it matters not which god you fight for.
 Mouth to ear knowledge is passed through the ages misunderstood and malinterpited by sages. 
 We question reality but fail to see its infinance of galaxies quilted in light and song it's secrets kept in the poetry of mad men. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015


I was to busy trying to save the world I lost myself. I traveled many miles of the dark side of humanity, looking for the beauty in torturous ways. I have seen mad men on soap boxes claiming to be the voice of God, as time stood still. The rapture carried my eyes beyond all the waste tangled in this illusion. Diluted by political agendas and apathy of its people's. The new poison intoxicated the fresh blood seeping into minds of the youth, a nasty new...degeneration. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Speed of Sight.

If only we could move at the speed of sight. Light would be the only gods. Darkness the goddess. Sound would be a blessing. Would we caress the rain, before it touched the ground beneath the heavens...just to quench the thirst of the flames of hell? 

Tall tales of the madness as we reach for the sky mimicking trees, we speak to ancient ones glowing in our days and nights. Teachings of its secrets whisper in the dawn of they daybreak of dusk. 

Long winters moon the owl soars the knowledge lingers in language of the silent tongues. Within the hearts of All the language of the birds written on the blood cells within. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Once upon a time,

We told campfire stories. 
We read books on papyrus.
We written knowledges on scrolls. 
We shared merry laughter. 
We hunted beasts and gods, not men. 

Angels haunt the night skies, 
Cosmosflauged within the city lights. 
Walls made of faces, facing fractals of the faceless. Demi gods were we while fire walking on heart beats. 

The planets stood still, replacing pain with harmony. Question reality, said the bumper sticker. We ate the brown paper regularly. We had mastered the narrow path of inversion. 

Living in a time of inside out. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New World Order

I let few in. 
Welcome to my world. 
I see happiness in the face of madness lunacy, is what we desire. 

Freely we speak amongst the dead cradle robbing minds eyes from screenings of this disgusting human race. 

Inbred toxic aliens inhabit invasive species evolution is yet to come.

We drink radio active nectar and plague minds of the youth. 
Solar sunflower seeds burnt out empty minded babies wander lust. 

What is it they are seeking broken artifacts form beaches, evil is the new age holy. How many more...times around the circle must be explored? 

While still claiming, To be awakened. 


Saturday, February 21, 2015


Lost in a breath,

Which is.
the path?

I ponder sadness,
does it have a true meaning?

if emptyness.
is the greatest joy?

I wonder.
do you?

I see happiness.
but it is empty.

But I.
am told,
such is Life.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

This Old House

 This Old house we sit, Like a crypt of memories my bleeding heart seeping through ashes left behind by the dust of consciousness. My mind folds in complex formations ghosts and the struggles of residue left behind, reflected in the eyes bound by frames beneath the glass frozen in time.
 residue of a thousand ticks talking amongst themselves in shadows reveries seep into collective unconscious mysteries unveil tall tales of the plan.