Friday, October 18, 2013

The Dream

Silently running on the blacktop, 

smell of gritty freshness of tar,

I am dreaming...

i feel a shift of energy in my abdomen,


my legs start to lift off the ground,

fingers turned in to feathers, my feet became claws of an owl.

through the night skies Silently, 

I crept,

upon Landing my 

feathers started to disapear and my body, 

returned to normal.





Monday, October 14, 2013

Moonlight Tears

Drenched in thought eyes wince away the light of darkness.

Whispering winds caress the empty space that knows no boundary.

Intelligent brushes paint pictures of an unexplored landscapes.

As the canvas remains blank starring into the mirror.

Waiting to catch its own reflection in the stillness of water.

Tears of the moon fall into the ocean trying to capture the moment.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

LKCP2KXIII Up and coming new book!

My Poetry book Alchemical Whispers has been doing well. if you like poetry that invokes thought then this one might be for you. i also have a Kindle Edition of Alchemical whispers availble for purchase or check out on kindle prime.

I am currently working on book four, hopefully will be ready for release soon. will keep you updated on the progress of that. here is a clip of the contents in the new book im writing now. 

"Dust off your eyelids and awake from the blind slumber you have been spellbound see through the eyes of the hollow moon, before she was driven into our solar system. Without the shadow there would have not been life, dew forms as the sun goes down while Lilith tells stories to her grandchildren. Minds wander intoxicated by the scent of the Nile lucid dreaming about reality and the day of great pyramids generating the grid of dragon lines before they shifted... the time has come to illuminate your center and become the sun of your own galaxy. Surf the unthreaded sands of the unconscious landscape, and touch the purest untouched darkness and the clearest are here... awaken." 

the book is a poem but also a story of a kids journey through life with a new consciousness after recieving a gift from a stranger. more to come...