Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reflection of Duality

Written on pages of thin air...history recorded archived in collective unconscious we roam freely within its pages.
Making use of a full cycle of Sun to Moon, Lunar to Solaris in our modern divisions of this observations we categorize as time.
Till the day we see clearly through eyelids, piercing illusionary visions we bend perceptions of what is "real".
Lost in false matter searching for importance in its state of being, reflections taking first steps out of the glass...
Or were itself a product from the silver gate which side was more real, the reflective material or the glass & gum that binds dimensions as one.
Now both stand before the mirror for the first time a quadrant perspective of its dualistic program revealed...
Question upon questions arise, and the one that lingers how many more reflected will step beyond the gate, will they ever fuse into the same body as one...
Or forever endlessly search an eternity outside the self for answers which they have no questions.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Whispered in Twilight

There is no such thing as harboring secrets the voices whisper in the twilight...

Hidden away in darkness the light remains lite, to the ones who know.

Hooded figures gather in alley ways in major city streets awaiting taste of the underground...

Rituals performed through dance under the optical nature aware of eternal vibrations.

Riding the bassline until the dawn of rising sun eclipsed by the mountains of Mara...

The shaman travels far to bring fourth news of the unseen to eyes without wonder.

Born of a sealed body skilled in the historical arts of Mystery...

Birthed in the land of blind men living amongst visionaries, yet clutching onto deception programming by so called controlers.

Has one yet been beyond worlds of raptures, smoke, & mirrors...awakening to co exsistence with nature.

And she honors thee one of the creators...

And the outer skies shall offer thee the vast libraries of transparency gifts of a clear mind.

Comes foward the self which is above the shadow, merging swallowed by the serpants tongue...

Escaping the vortex of humanity.


Love of Illusion

Lost in thoughts..
A butterfly spreads its wings.
Lost in translations...
Butterflies turn to doves drifting.
As the night skies of imagination blossom beauty out of the
Heart beats echoing, surrender to the beauty of magnificents, harbor no guilt nor shame.
23 dimensions enters One transformation yet where does it all begin ...
Have we spent millennia evolving a race destined to be erased,
or have we just been blinded
by all who are so in love...
With illusion?


Scrying Mirror

Walking backwards in the mirror to see the future, expression of self in the now.

Scrying blue skies casted by demon shadows, evoking spiritual aspirations sipping angelic elixirs praised the self as God.

The sun dial stands still under the dark moon loomed in blankets of Stardust...eyes open wandering beyond the two pillars...

Inner courts of the temple housing lexicons of time.  Centuries pass while consciousness remains uninhabited gazing into the flames.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Escaping hands of Time

Holding on to nothing rather than its illusions illustrated by artifacts left by tribes of the lower eighteen.

As if when something never happened until imagination brings fourth manifestation...

Be aware of its translucent surroundings of what it was, what shall it be.

Be it free or frozen in time like musical notes of Timothy Leary, yet the biological potions remain most potent.

Looking at the moon in her grace shining bright over casting shadows of stars, lifted by the winds carried by aetheric wings...

Soaring high within the liquid glass eagle eyes view of self expression expansion of self into anothers reflections...


The heart is free from toxicology when the lotus has risen above dark waters, embracing the cleansing light of RA.

Awakened to find oneself, back in time.
Awakened to find oneself, far in the future.

Awakening oneself, in the now free from the hands time clutch...


Monday, May 13, 2013


Heathens they cried as countless men & woman of sciences get stoned and burnt at the stake for knowledge of hidden secrets.

Under the noon lit skies and witching hours of the dusk moonlight...

Which way does darkness begin do spectra of light ever end...

Transcending dancer's reaching starlit centers of galaxies beyond subconscious minds eye's.

When will the owls decipher all deceptions of the arts of war...

The true God's embrace the battles within inner space reflections of grace upon the worlds without.

When souls see no matter upon illusions.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Violet Auras

Tick tocking of clocks shattering imagination, the violet children protecting the realms...

Silent screams fill the air nature belows the flames of drumming eares receptors of the call.

There they sit on pillars at the edges of the universes eternalness expansion of consciousness...

Infinite quest of truths to questions that will never be answered... only revealed.

Revealed to the ear with a thirst for the beyond, the broader spectrum of Luna & Sol...

Embodied in the self aware of where it now the now holding time in its palms.

Following the starmap written within its plateau, the voices of seers emerge from the depths of transparency to guide the will of the aspired seeker.

When two halves become whole and one becomes all...

All becomes silence...awaiting their next call.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Strumming Lights

Ears drumming immortal sounds of space time continums.

Humming into theta states listening to the strumming sounds of light passing.

Rhythmic seers planting seeds within hoping to one day sow blossoms...

Night becomes day, clarity fades into the shadows...births of new formations in cellular structure.

Progressive? Have we fused old world knowledge with present technologies...we have yet to erase the thin lines between religion & science.

Yet there is still no accepted manual on how to open ones...

Third eyelid, for most are not ready to see true light...and its mystery remain unsolved...

in order for its continuous.



Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Measure a single grain of sand against a thought of nothing whilst sailing on cosmic gases,


Exhalation slow perceptions of the vortex gathering pranic particles swirling merkaba housed by inner space.

Inhaling concentration on nothing oneness with the emptyness having no thoughts...

Dwelling in silent emotion without expression of the liquid glass filling the atmosphere within.

A thousand unfolding peddles of the lotus that has never seen the sun rise, mimicing the dusk as it lays to rest in lunar lights.

The waters whisper the scryers song, vocabulary scribed by passing winds to pass on the words of the wise...

And once again time stood still against the masses that had become so dependent on its hands.

Awakening otherwise the second hand within the self, self aware of one is a creator harmonic to its nature...

Expanded tenticals reach out toward kundalini evaporation into akashic mists melting ...



Sunday, May 5, 2013

Masters of Time

How many days have passed brewing thoughts jaded by conspiracy of insiders.

Pillars holding transparent shades of factrals, equation of afterlife Scripture of the winds under solar lunar rays.

For once do we not praise light of darkness falling victims to darkness of light...

Still dwelling in the caves the mind throned in craniums wired to do the demoms biddings.

What see they, through the looking glass? Prisms frozen in time watch sand flowing through eternal hourglasses, mocking mortality.

As we 3D print our way to immortality the few remain organic, fine tuning the immortal essence through legacy by word around the flame…

A sound mind can shatter any whisper from the darkness...awakening to see through new windows learning secrets of transparency.

Creating abilities to walk through time...time traveling out of mind walking in illusions by becoming one with its breath of nature.

When stone walls become liquid in its solid state, our thirst for knowledge must not be ever queched…

For evolution has just begun.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Old World Order

Letting my heart flow through fingers tips to compose legacies…what is Masterpiece?

Envisioned all in 3 time spheres…past, present, future.

And now here we sit.

Resonating upon one another's intellect through telepathic cyber frequencies seeing eye to eye in a 3rd sense.

While the others pride themselves in ignorance of self, others over pride in thoughts of self aware.

We are so middle ages, and in our middle age when skeletons call reunions remaining unforgiven until the ego crowned king takes the fall.

Ages pass, we slumber as still borns claiming to be legacies of God's to justify our sicknesses driving us mad…lusting for war.

The minds eye meditating in the center of its dominion the only eye that can only see light in All.

We see our minds shatters the hearts dream, and the dreams become battles and battles become lucid as the pages of our sacred texts.

6° of seperation 600 hundred year's between the masters teachings of we are not idols.

As I squandered through lands where bobble heads represent noble faith.

Reminiscing over my beating heart playing the sound of the drum when we were our own priests to the temples we hold so dear.