Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lucid Living

I was once a dreamer, who wanted to live the dream, until I found it easier to be the dreamer lucidly living... as reality unfolds itself before my eyes, realizing thoughts become creation if given the time.

Time though, is never given, and one must fight for what has been taken, for what is the price of true freedom? we are crafted to be slaves of self, looking outside wiindows to be free from doors without locks, blinded by keys without a purpose.

In this World of dreams no one dares to sacrifice. but they look up to it an worship a price that is greater than any self. To wake in a cloud of wisdom is to rain knowlege onto the world of dreams and fertalize the living who dwell on its dimensions.

Some say 3D, some Say 5D but the truth of nothing is Limitless...
as it were, Infinity


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Life's Dance

Necromancy dancing amongst the spirits of ancient, wonders, in present days. Wandering into the skies eternal abyss opens blind minds awake into a world beyond theory. 

Non physical, etheric, nor quantum. One who seeks fathoms, and the spirits are always watching. Frequencies boundless connected to One is to be All, or self as it was. In a land before time there was thought, birthing creation. 

Yesterday fades into transparent seductions illusionary minions of tainted minds. The digital fox brings bad news, as life flourishes through toxic myst. Somewhere beneath the ice a city rests. Preserved from ages waiting discovery of her majesty. 

They sip nectar from bitter tongues, housing alliance of wonders. Blind folded imagination waits in darkness, crying out, can you hear me? as ears fell to the ground, and the Silence was finally heard.