Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vapors of Gods

Once we lay our eyes to rest, the world blossoms insights not seen by sons of man.

And as it seems at times they only listen to voices of God's Scribes of man.

There are those who seek alchemical whispers through eyes outside of ones mind.

But un aware the true reflection resides in the pools of darkness hidden deep within the cosmos...

Seek not and thou shall find, the many treasure gods placed inside...

Coded in language of the birds for in each his own to decode,

Reach out for Akashic vapors...for its very keys you hold.


Saturday, August 24, 2013


Sitting illumed in candle fire surrounded by walls gazing, bricks of flesh, wonderingly if they are listening.
I speak the silent tongues of the halls beyond thoughts of mortal men...
I hear the moons thoughts in shadows of trees, whispering to the skies in light of star's.
I see Scriptures of the Ancient ones, scribed in the suns rays...
mystic tear drops falling from eyes of the rainbow.
Surrender to the mirrors reflection in stillness of Akashic reservoir scrying inner cosmos...
While drifting in Saturns rings.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In the Form of...

Eyes closed feeling the universe. Eyes open seeing multiverses, walking amongst us. Interaction of each galaxies conjugation of telepathy weaving... Invisible webs of life. Thoughts emitting transparent strings, attached to sleepless nights. Walking in worlds of dreams caressing the outer limits of subconscious. Gliding on the wings of nibiru towed by the fiery spirit of the Phoenix. They gathered under streetlights and told tales of the camp fires of old. Tales, of the ancient ones, of great necromancers cleansing the zombies purge. Tales of the sages preserving the arts mastery of healing souls... Of the craft that binds the constellations and of divinty of working together. That a synergy is all greater than energy, crop circles emerge in the roar of the silence...the light of the Sun came, In the form of a fallen star. LKCP2KXIII

Thursday, August 15, 2013

See now Be

Wandering in the silence of stillness...whispered sighs.

Eye can't see, for once I was blind.

Now I see, all fears left behind.

Taking the path to 45°, direct decents of the twin suns.

Sipping the dew of truth, from the grail of veils.

Seek not and thou shalt find, the doorways of aether lands.

The blind hath left behind.


Monday, August 12, 2013


Reading akashic candlesticks, patiently observation its patterns  wandering  suspended in gravity.

Be aware of the short distance the shooting star falls before the rise of Thors hammer.

The lighting travels like Scripture written in modern tongues...they scribe for the seeker.

Gathering prosperous rainfalls of the whickless flames, electric fire leading the way to freedom or traps.

Observations emotionless, focused, what once was chance beginning of a path.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Modern Archeologist

We have already reached a point in our times that there really is nothing left on earth to discover externally, but there is a vast space inside our beings for all of us to discover.

When there is no mystery left, and all the veils have been lifted then there is no other direction but evolving and transmuting our selves to the next level.

You are your own archeologist...

Dig wisely.



And on the door steps of heavens she shouted out to the world...
Backed by the brightness of Stars, shedding tears, asking why...still no Change.

He sat quietly in the center of the Sun, whispering galactic tounges, hoping someone will understand his Scrys.

Long winters night the two meet at zero point telepathic gestures gliding in opposite directions...

One Eclipses the Moon, the other the Sun, while Mars peaks at Retrograde...
In the still hands of time, we walk Backwards and forward motionless in the minds eye.


Sunday, August 4, 2013


Standing in the stillness of silence, observations of the river below...

Watching cars passing under the moons vibrant light.

The winds whisper to each strand of hair... is this sarrow or deception of desire into the pools of earth I shall retire.

The hands of the dark waters reach out to pierce deeply into the depths of this lost souls veild vessel.

Stepping to the ledge adrenaline rushes into the minds eye...thoughts silence and tears dry...leap of faith I shan't deny.

Will blackout before I am swallowed by the abyss...will I wake in another land, dimension, or see myself in the eyes of All...

Or will this nightmare continue and haunt the lives of others and shall the pleading guilt finally be freed...

But what does this all mean For I am already...