Tuesday, June 14, 2016


I thought yesterday was today last year while Mars was retrograde. Rewinding past, present, future into one time sphere.
Raising the dead for festive occasion. The children play in the dead seas while washing away the priory's karma.
As blood flows down stream from the mutilation of our people nearing extinction of decent. Ascension has lost its meaning.
Only embers remain in the ashes of what knowledge was passed. The seldom few with akashik keys have mercy on the gods agenda.
Seeking truth while walking on its hands as time unwinds. Waiting patiently for the shift to settle.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cerebral Tongues

I walk with the dead,
I speak in cerebral tongues...
Our god is consciousness. 

Our flesh was made of fungus,
sipped from our mothers breasts. 
These demonic play things, we tend to manifest.
Walking dead among the living,
spirits we work with protecting our being.

Simple as it was then, 
imagination in these days so...rare.
Imitation art surrounds our nations,
governed by defects blinded by stagnation.

Once we were human. 
Man, separated by machines.
Woman, separated by screens...cursed.
Divided equally the knowledge passed on to children.

L.K. Cruz P.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Truth was the ultimate spell

I was driving the other night and I seen a sign that said, "Free People are not Equal, If Equal People are not Free." you see out breaks of war in many shapes and sizes. we then start speaking to people and listen to plants more and we ignore, our common world problems.

we since the beginning tried to communicate but instead seeked to control the minds of others through use of mystical rflections evolved into clones of metaphor... 5 time spheres in 6 dimensions bleeding into the heart of night.

the moon screams light onto the earth having ice cold thoughts of the sun. We were once one divided by 7 books of truths bent from one akashic tablet. lucid speaking in tongues that had been prehistoric. Relics wash a shore deep from within subconscious waves come fourth revelations.

and so it was, Truth was the ultimate spell.