Friday, December 13, 2013

Operation - Insoniax Doktrine: A Call for Inspiration, Please Participate in this event!

Hello, My name is L.K. Cruz P. i've written
Insomniax Doctrine

Alchemical Whispers: Insomniax Doktrine Vol. 2

"the Works of LKCP2KX",

and other writings scattered through &

I am Looking for anyone to Make videos of my writings and posting them here: please =) i would love to hear it in a video, spoken word, through music, through animation what ever you choose to make it in.

I just ask that you would please credit my writings and the source where you got the writing for copyrights and credit yourselves as well! =) Looking forward to seeing what my writing may inspire, post as many videos as you like, or sound cloud clips, youtube videos etc...

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Patent Bombs

Who holds patents on,
Atomic Bombs?
                  I thirst for,
Atomic Wordz...they say.
Hey mr. post man,
                         ...would you,
       play a song
    ...for me.
Please let it not be,
Star Spangled banner,
I have yet to see freedom,
between all this banter. cyber Tron ica,
Cyber punks gathered,
       a thousand tounges,
          Twist the minds eye.
         ...shallow, is the shadows, empty graves, and rotting tomb stones, closed cashket funerals.
  Six gun shots to remind us of,
Where were we but in the womb, when the cold war froze over.
       Into the NeXt Ice Age,
We are survivors,
          A kin,
     helter skelter.
            The homless still seek,
                 cardboard shelter,
        50% of them
             military  veterans.
50% of them are children.
Addicted, afflicted misery, striped of integrity...they served.
           ...Our land,
souls sold to needles,
upon return to a common,
   thread of epidemics.
       And in the minds eye,
                  the cold war,
          This Great Depression
   ... on the streets of the World, is not yet over.
        We see in the the reflection,
          this Ground Ground Zero,
            when 2 towers fell, and                           birthed heroes.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

As Loud as Gods and Prophets

I feel, like Imploding as if from the outside in,
Insider whistles spreading sacred info to blow down leaders.
In a sea of fallen trees,
I see through eyes of newspapers,
The words assassinated truth.
Lies grow, heavy in the mind.
They smelt bombs with, Dis honorable precious metals.
They fused it with great science and laughter,
Embellished flags with sacred cultural symbols
Stolen from temples of Nepal.
And they hide this knowledge encrypted in Media,
Blindside the youth,
Enslaved their wonder,
Burnt the books before eyes,
They never had a chance to caress a page.
I wonder.
What goes through a child’s mind?
Witnessing worlds of knowledge,
Consumed in a world of fire.
Though the heart remains,
And thirsts for knowledge increased.
We seek what is not War,
We seek something Other than peace,
We need a voice that can be heard,
A voice louder than God itself.
A voice to give is a reason to Do,
Instead of try,
Maybe then we will achieve days,
Where Peace may hold meaning,
Love of Truth may be practiced,
Turning of elements felt,
And every Child,
of the world may experience Wealth.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

See Past

I walked through social media fields,
and have seen blood, lies, and video tapes.
have even seen the sanity,
in madness, and the eyes of the flame.
I touched the finger tips of wisdom,
and seen the blind caress the dead,
I have seen the reflection of all,
in frozen dew drops of time.
I have seen the compassion that war brings,
and the power of destruction it holds.
I have seen the power of forgivness,
and the weakness of the leaders,
we behold.
I have seen many starving children,
the hunger in thier eyes.
the only thing,
that holds them together,
is the Love they have inside.
is that same that is which inside you,
is the same that is which inside me.
which is the same in our leaders,
if we can see past all that greed.



Into space, bend time.
Walk between...silence.
Above the stillness,
Where do gods dance,
Do demons slay laughter...
Open your eyes and,
walk with the dead.
I hear the serpents,
Speaking tongues,
while conversating
Collecting tear drops
of feathers,
Inoculated the moonglow,
Screams so vivid...
As the earth drowned...
Toxific Ocean,
mourn the jelly kin,
Washed a shore.
And there is more of this story, deeper than the earths core,
To tell.
Through smoke of the nine,
Walking through seven,
Turning three keys,
Entered the heavens.
Split tongues,
Minds gather,
Wisdoms fathom...
of twin suns...
Parallel to dragons.
Murky the.
starlit night,
of the soaring angel...
the earth mother takes flight.
Intersect the dweller.
Pendulum swings,
The scryer scribes invocations.
The scripture betold,
From lips to ear,
From ear to infinity.
I now see clearly.
Seek not,
and thee shall find.
Destiny lay not,
In hands of time.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Nightshade Daydreams

I have seen spirits,
of the imortal soul,
I have listened,
to the Banshee speak in tongues...
I have been possessed,
by ghost from all spectrums.

beyond the night,
beyond centers of stars,
beyond the 7 gates...enter the minds eye.

drift into shakti abyss,
find the center of self...
reflected in the black waters of night.

deadly nightshade daydreams,
walking on thin air,
listening to sylphs,
conversate with elves.

the balance,
of what
is that
is above.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Word of Mouth...

Dear Reader,

In the old circles lips to ear, was the ways it was passed down. I would like to try this in a modern marketing sense...

Operation ask you're local book store if they have the book Alchemical Whispers: Insomniax Doktrine Vol.II
Looking for 100 local  volunteers that go to book stores regularly and simply, ask the clerk, or librarian if they have Alchemical Whispers: Insomniax Doktrine Vol.2
Alchemical whispers please and thank you its my power of word of mouth experiment to pay it forward,
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Alchemical Whispers: Insomniax Doktrine Vol. 2 into book stores, and I am told word of mouth,
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ask your local.
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alchemical whispers: Insomniax Doktrine Vol.2
Thank You All! Its is a great book.enjoy.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Book Released! The Works of LKCP2KX

My new book The Works of LKCP2KX 

The Works Of LKCP2KX: Akashic Scryer
Authored by LKCP Lance K Cruz P.
List Price: $6.38 
5" x 8" (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
82 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1493796748 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1493796747
BISAC: Philosophy / Metaphysics

The first 55 pages is a teaser of my up and coming new short story Akashic Scryer, Also included are new poetry works of LKCP2KX.

Akashic Scryer is a story of a kid that enters into a world of merging physical and astro-physcal into everyday reality and using akashic skies to time travel. It all starts When the kid met Odin in the Alley outside of the Apartment complex after reciving a vial his life change forever.

the story was inspired by life events in this long strange trip it truley has been into the mystery. This Story is written in Non Traditional form, People have said it feels like a guided meditation or some sort of exierence. What ever your story the book will have its own personal meaning to each reader.

I have 2 other poetry books published, Insomniax Doktrine & Alchemical Whispers: Insomniax Doktrine Vol.2, and Penny Scryer my latest book is this one.

I am told my style is a cross of esoteric & Gynsberg ish =) I hope you Enjoy reading this book as I have enjoyed writing it!

CreateSpace eStore:  

Insomniax Doktrine Vol. 1

first book i had written

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Atoms Split

When a
thought dropped,
words caressed
the page in scriptures,
atoms split while
mending simultaneously.

is he
in the eyes of the one,
the center
is the
furthest point
of self yet,
lay so near,
the serpent slumbers
beneath the sun.

Cranium, ponders Will.
will I be the
snake charmer
and call fourth,
divine powers
of the Shakti,
and dance within
self of inner space,
or remain among the
walking dead,
Searching for what
is already there.

Hidden beneath
the solar rays,
inverted beside the vortexes,
silently humming...
Galactic drums sound
can only be heard in
the silence.



He was an alcoholic, 
She was addicted to gambling.
Equally they walked amongst the nightlife.

As Enemies they walk amongst them selves.
screams would echo through the hollow house, 
plates shattering, doors slammed, 
the earth shakes in the eyes of the child.

Looking for an escape, a face planted in the pillow
trying to push away into the distance.
 sleep is rare, as the imagination runs freely,


listen to time.
floating in space.
during the hours of night.
under the moon into the sun.
the planets danced one by one.
year after year, centuries, if not decades.

The wise would gather and observe celestial dance.
while others would worship and dance in trance.
while others would harvest and harness thier powers.

always will there be the ones who know,
always will there be the one who don't.
always darkness there will be,
as always the light continues to grow.

Do what you will do what you must,
find knowlege of self.
this you must trust.

For my yearbook says,
from a past life, beyond.
"when all the rest are dead and gone,
1993 will still rock on"...


Dreams Agenda

Our world, so advanced yet some how we are not Civil-ly evolved. We had a deep rooted esoteric foundation, a modern infrastructure yet, we still act like we are from barbaric times.

Here we thought to have established democracy...yet our leaders seem to act out as monarchy.

What example have we set fourth for our youth in these last much further would our space travel technology be if we spent less time destroying each other for a knowledge that should be shared.

If the gods spoke to us as they did would there still be a need for blood, as advanced as we are today...or as we should be.

Already some have chosen the path of the microchip...but to me to become part machine is not the organic evolution of the human matter.

cell phones are like primitive versions of, telepathy. An alien whispered through the eclipse and asked the world forgivness.

Vexed in a world wind of restless thought, I see clutters of visions left in a world of broken dreams, fight over who knows god most?

I find it intriguing yet hard to believe that it only has to do with religion. We see the outcome when one seeks mystery...burnt at the stake.

This poverty can be erased if we took our explosive, devices set them aside...and made more devices for growing food sources in droughted countries.

Use that money to find ways to purify our many more messes will we leave for our children to clean.

One day we will realize that all of our technology combined can make great instruments of mass_ ive healing...

And then my alam clock rang, third eye closes eyes awakened, I pondered, were it sweat our a trailing tear running into the myst.


aka L.K. Cruz P.

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Dream

Silently running on the blacktop, 

smell of gritty freshness of tar,

I am dreaming...

i feel a shift of energy in my abdomen,


my legs start to lift off the ground,

fingers turned in to feathers, my feet became claws of an owl.

through the night skies Silently, 

I crept,

upon Landing my 

feathers started to disapear and my body, 

returned to normal.





Monday, October 14, 2013

Moonlight Tears

Drenched in thought eyes wince away the light of darkness.

Whispering winds caress the empty space that knows no boundary.

Intelligent brushes paint pictures of an unexplored landscapes.

As the canvas remains blank starring into the mirror.

Waiting to catch its own reflection in the stillness of water.

Tears of the moon fall into the ocean trying to capture the moment.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

LKCP2KXIII Up and coming new book!

My Poetry book Alchemical Whispers has been doing well. if you like poetry that invokes thought then this one might be for you. i also have a Kindle Edition of Alchemical whispers availble for purchase or check out on kindle prime.

I am currently working on book four, hopefully will be ready for release soon. will keep you updated on the progress of that. here is a clip of the contents in the new book im writing now. 

"Dust off your eyelids and awake from the blind slumber you have been spellbound see through the eyes of the hollow moon, before she was driven into our solar system. Without the shadow there would have not been life, dew forms as the sun goes down while Lilith tells stories to her grandchildren. Minds wander intoxicated by the scent of the Nile lucid dreaming about reality and the day of great pyramids generating the grid of dragon lines before they shifted... the time has come to illuminate your center and become the sun of your own galaxy. Surf the unthreaded sands of the unconscious landscape, and touch the purest untouched darkness and the clearest are here... awaken." 

the book is a poem but also a story of a kids journey through life with a new consciousness after recieving a gift from a stranger. more to come...


Monday, September 30, 2013


the name of the gods,
how many crimes have been commited,
by Law.

Villiages pilliaged,
it evolved into cites,
then whole nations invaded,
Cleansed by the name of our Gods?

Then one wonders why,
if the Gods are so great then why,
do we war with angels and holy beings...
as sons of man,

One starts to consider why do we worship,
the very ones we slain.
if that Power was so 
great, then why did we not
embrace the new race.

For who is not,
made of dust from all the cosmos.
can see the Cosmos
from the blind zero point center of light.
Yet the journey traveled, has been long
outside of self.
the Gods are nothing 
without Self
is nothing withought
the gods. 

in an 108°
9 sided Atmosphere

the Scryer 


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Thursday, September 19, 2013

City Tales

For once upon a time we played out in the city streets,
and with age we learned to appreciate
values of trees.

We had even went paperless and stayed in our homes,
because the forest were hours drives 
We traded in the sounds of birds,
to the chattering machine guns on t.v.
We found ways to capitalize on the masses,
 for sacred knowledge of divinity,
which was free to anyone with 
Ears to Listen.

An Open 

And here we are now,
 more awake.
And here we are now, 
as clear as we can See.

But the dust on my eyelids weigh heavy,
reaching for the hourglass the sand man wields.
I ponder the universe contained within each grain of sand,
the vastness of its eternal integrity housed init-self.
The infinite, 
The Mysteries,
The Songs,
The People.

sharing the same space in the glass,
 thinking each one is different.

Monday, September 9, 2013

When was the day...

When was the day,
We were born out of shadows...
From the hollows of which we,
Came fourth into light of All.
What adds value to this illusion
if we cannot see its truths,
Veil after veil seeking to reach
the center of the Sun,
Trying to figure out how
to preserve the One.
Some days we find heroes...
beyond the stones of immortals.
The songs of the silence share, wisdom's amongst her people.
Let not us be consumed,
the demons cry out for souls...
Re read the ancient riddles, scriptures scribed on
Dragons tongue.
Answers awaiting engraved in walls,
incantations of the neXt generation.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013



Are they harmless?
To Spell...if only we could fathom.

And what do the darkest hours bring? 

That aha moment of light bulbs...changes worlds.

We live on the circles crust failing to reach deep,
 into it's obsidian center of ourselves. 

Internally we wander into the moonlight inhaling her auric  cynders.
Seeking the pages hidden deep within eternal heartbeats ...



Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vapors of Gods

Once we lay our eyes to rest, the world blossoms insights not seen by sons of man.

And as it seems at times they only listen to voices of God's Scribes of man.

There are those who seek alchemical whispers through eyes outside of ones mind.

But un aware the true reflection resides in the pools of darkness hidden deep within the cosmos...

Seek not and thou shall find, the many treasure gods placed inside...

Coded in language of the birds for in each his own to decode,

Reach out for Akashic vapors...for its very keys you hold.


Saturday, August 24, 2013


Sitting illumed in candle fire surrounded by walls gazing, bricks of flesh, wonderingly if they are listening.
I speak the silent tongues of the halls beyond thoughts of mortal men...
I hear the moons thoughts in shadows of trees, whispering to the skies in light of star's.
I see Scriptures of the Ancient ones, scribed in the suns rays...
mystic tear drops falling from eyes of the rainbow.
Surrender to the mirrors reflection in stillness of Akashic reservoir scrying inner cosmos...
While drifting in Saturns rings.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In the Form of...

Eyes closed feeling the universe. Eyes open seeing multiverses, walking amongst us. Interaction of each galaxies conjugation of telepathy weaving... Invisible webs of life. Thoughts emitting transparent strings, attached to sleepless nights. Walking in worlds of dreams caressing the outer limits of subconscious. Gliding on the wings of nibiru towed by the fiery spirit of the Phoenix. They gathered under streetlights and told tales of the camp fires of old. Tales, of the ancient ones, of great necromancers cleansing the zombies purge. Tales of the sages preserving the arts mastery of healing souls... Of the craft that binds the constellations and of divinty of working together. That a synergy is all greater than energy, crop circles emerge in the roar of the silence...the light of the Sun came, In the form of a fallen star. LKCP2KXIII

Thursday, August 15, 2013

See now Be

Wandering in the silence of stillness...whispered sighs.

Eye can't see, for once I was blind.

Now I see, all fears left behind.

Taking the path to 45°, direct decents of the twin suns.

Sipping the dew of truth, from the grail of veils.

Seek not and thou shalt find, the doorways of aether lands.

The blind hath left behind.


Monday, August 12, 2013


Reading akashic candlesticks, patiently observation its patterns  wandering  suspended in gravity.

Be aware of the short distance the shooting star falls before the rise of Thors hammer.

The lighting travels like Scripture written in modern tongues...they scribe for the seeker.

Gathering prosperous rainfalls of the whickless flames, electric fire leading the way to freedom or traps.

Observations emotionless, focused, what once was chance beginning of a path.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Modern Archeologist

We have already reached a point in our times that there really is nothing left on earth to discover externally, but there is a vast space inside our beings for all of us to discover.

When there is no mystery left, and all the veils have been lifted then there is no other direction but evolving and transmuting our selves to the next level.

You are your own archeologist...

Dig wisely.



And on the door steps of heavens she shouted out to the world...
Backed by the brightness of Stars, shedding tears, asking why...still no Change.

He sat quietly in the center of the Sun, whispering galactic tounges, hoping someone will understand his Scrys.

Long winters night the two meet at zero point telepathic gestures gliding in opposite directions...

One Eclipses the Moon, the other the Sun, while Mars peaks at Retrograde...
In the still hands of time, we walk Backwards and forward motionless in the minds eye.


Sunday, August 4, 2013


Standing in the stillness of silence, observations of the river below...

Watching cars passing under the moons vibrant light.

The winds whisper to each strand of hair... is this sarrow or deception of desire into the pools of earth I shall retire.

The hands of the dark waters reach out to pierce deeply into the depths of this lost souls veild vessel.

Stepping to the ledge adrenaline rushes into the minds eye...thoughts silence and tears dry...leap of faith I shan't deny.

Will blackout before I am swallowed by the abyss...will I wake in another land, dimension, or see myself in the eyes of All...

Or will this nightmare continue and haunt the lives of others and shall the pleading guilt finally be freed...

But what does this all mean For I am already...



Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Harmonic Pinholes

The moon rests upon the alter and glances through the races of one mind.

They are of the same space dwellers of two spheres of the liquid glass we ingest, exhale...

Mystic visions seen within embers fading in the pale moonlight.

Stars made of crystaline particles acting as one structure with great force eminent from its center.

Pinholes radiating from center of its galaxies resonates mellenia into the multiverse of Now...

Correcting then, awakening here.

And so it mote it be.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Orcosmik Nature


Eyewake in the looms wonder, lost in a Myst of Illusion. Stepping out of the womb 3 eyes open.

Eye, seen two steps of the heavens beaneth the blades of grass, in the still ponds listening to glistening silence,  scientific breathe, lights spectacular.

Eye reach for the lotus that blooms under the midnight skies to witness reflections of the Sun...being born of sheltered darkness.

Eye seen I in eyes of the mirrors spirit that taught duality of the transparencies, only telepathy can fathom...


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reflection of Duality

Written on pages of thin air...history recorded archived in collective unconscious we roam freely within its pages.
Making use of a full cycle of Sun to Moon, Lunar to Solaris in our modern divisions of this observations we categorize as time.
Till the day we see clearly through eyelids, piercing illusionary visions we bend perceptions of what is "real".
Lost in false matter searching for importance in its state of being, reflections taking first steps out of the glass...
Or were itself a product from the silver gate which side was more real, the reflective material or the glass & gum that binds dimensions as one.
Now both stand before the mirror for the first time a quadrant perspective of its dualistic program revealed...
Question upon questions arise, and the one that lingers how many more reflected will step beyond the gate, will they ever fuse into the same body as one...
Or forever endlessly search an eternity outside the self for answers which they have no questions.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Whispered in Twilight

There is no such thing as harboring secrets the voices whisper in the twilight...

Hidden away in darkness the light remains lite, to the ones who know.

Hooded figures gather in alley ways in major city streets awaiting taste of the underground...

Rituals performed through dance under the optical nature aware of eternal vibrations.

Riding the bassline until the dawn of rising sun eclipsed by the mountains of Mara...

The shaman travels far to bring fourth news of the unseen to eyes without wonder.

Born of a sealed body skilled in the historical arts of Mystery...

Birthed in the land of blind men living amongst visionaries, yet clutching onto deception programming by so called controlers.

Has one yet been beyond worlds of raptures, smoke, & mirrors...awakening to co exsistence with nature.

And she honors thee one of the creators...

And the outer skies shall offer thee the vast libraries of transparency gifts of a clear mind.

Comes foward the self which is above the shadow, merging swallowed by the serpants tongue...

Escaping the vortex of humanity.


Love of Illusion

Lost in thoughts..
A butterfly spreads its wings.
Lost in translations...
Butterflies turn to doves drifting.
As the night skies of imagination blossom beauty out of the
Heart beats echoing, surrender to the beauty of magnificents, harbor no guilt nor shame.
23 dimensions enters One transformation yet where does it all begin ...
Have we spent millennia evolving a race destined to be erased,
or have we just been blinded
by all who are so in love...
With illusion?


Scrying Mirror

Walking backwards in the mirror to see the future, expression of self in the now.

Scrying blue skies casted by demon shadows, evoking spiritual aspirations sipping angelic elixirs praised the self as God.

The sun dial stands still under the dark moon loomed in blankets of Stardust...eyes open wandering beyond the two pillars...

Inner courts of the temple housing lexicons of time.  Centuries pass while consciousness remains uninhabited gazing into the flames.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Escaping hands of Time

Holding on to nothing rather than its illusions illustrated by artifacts left by tribes of the lower eighteen.

As if when something never happened until imagination brings fourth manifestation...

Be aware of its translucent surroundings of what it was, what shall it be.

Be it free or frozen in time like musical notes of Timothy Leary, yet the biological potions remain most potent.

Looking at the moon in her grace shining bright over casting shadows of stars, lifted by the winds carried by aetheric wings...

Soaring high within the liquid glass eagle eyes view of self expression expansion of self into anothers reflections...


The heart is free from toxicology when the lotus has risen above dark waters, embracing the cleansing light of RA.

Awakened to find oneself, back in time.
Awakened to find oneself, far in the future.

Awakening oneself, in the now free from the hands time clutch...


Monday, May 13, 2013


Heathens they cried as countless men & woman of sciences get stoned and burnt at the stake for knowledge of hidden secrets.

Under the noon lit skies and witching hours of the dusk moonlight...

Which way does darkness begin do spectra of light ever end...

Transcending dancer's reaching starlit centers of galaxies beyond subconscious minds eye's.

When will the owls decipher all deceptions of the arts of war...

The true God's embrace the battles within inner space reflections of grace upon the worlds without.

When souls see no matter upon illusions.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Violet Auras

Tick tocking of clocks shattering imagination, the violet children protecting the realms...

Silent screams fill the air nature belows the flames of drumming eares receptors of the call.

There they sit on pillars at the edges of the universes eternalness expansion of consciousness...

Infinite quest of truths to questions that will never be answered... only revealed.

Revealed to the ear with a thirst for the beyond, the broader spectrum of Luna & Sol...

Embodied in the self aware of where it now the now holding time in its palms.

Following the starmap written within its plateau, the voices of seers emerge from the depths of transparency to guide the will of the aspired seeker.

When two halves become whole and one becomes all...

All becomes silence...awaiting their next call.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Strumming Lights

Ears drumming immortal sounds of space time continums.

Humming into theta states listening to the strumming sounds of light passing.

Rhythmic seers planting seeds within hoping to one day sow blossoms...

Night becomes day, clarity fades into the shadows...births of new formations in cellular structure.

Progressive? Have we fused old world knowledge with present technologies...we have yet to erase the thin lines between religion & science.

Yet there is still no accepted manual on how to open ones...

Third eyelid, for most are not ready to see true light...and its mystery remain unsolved...

in order for its continuous.



Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Measure a single grain of sand against a thought of nothing whilst sailing on cosmic gases,


Exhalation slow perceptions of the vortex gathering pranic particles swirling merkaba housed by inner space.

Inhaling concentration on nothing oneness with the emptyness having no thoughts...

Dwelling in silent emotion without expression of the liquid glass filling the atmosphere within.

A thousand unfolding peddles of the lotus that has never seen the sun rise, mimicing the dusk as it lays to rest in lunar lights.

The waters whisper the scryers song, vocabulary scribed by passing winds to pass on the words of the wise...

And once again time stood still against the masses that had become so dependent on its hands.

Awakening otherwise the second hand within the self, self aware of one is a creator harmonic to its nature...

Expanded tenticals reach out toward kundalini evaporation into akashic mists melting ...



Sunday, May 5, 2013

Masters of Time

How many days have passed brewing thoughts jaded by conspiracy of insiders.

Pillars holding transparent shades of factrals, equation of afterlife Scripture of the winds under solar lunar rays.

For once do we not praise light of darkness falling victims to darkness of light...

Still dwelling in the caves the mind throned in craniums wired to do the demoms biddings.

What see they, through the looking glass? Prisms frozen in time watch sand flowing through eternal hourglasses, mocking mortality.

As we 3D print our way to immortality the few remain organic, fine tuning the immortal essence through legacy by word around the flame…

A sound mind can shatter any whisper from the darkness...awakening to see through new windows learning secrets of transparency.

Creating abilities to walk through time...time traveling out of mind walking in illusions by becoming one with its breath of nature.

When stone walls become liquid in its solid state, our thirst for knowledge must not be ever queched…

For evolution has just begun.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Old World Order

Letting my heart flow through fingers tips to compose legacies…what is Masterpiece?

Envisioned all in 3 time spheres…past, present, future.

And now here we sit.

Resonating upon one another's intellect through telepathic cyber frequencies seeing eye to eye in a 3rd sense.

While the others pride themselves in ignorance of self, others over pride in thoughts of self aware.

We are so middle ages, and in our middle age when skeletons call reunions remaining unforgiven until the ego crowned king takes the fall.

Ages pass, we slumber as still borns claiming to be legacies of God's to justify our sicknesses driving us mad…lusting for war.

The minds eye meditating in the center of its dominion the only eye that can only see light in All.

We see our minds shatters the hearts dream, and the dreams become battles and battles become lucid as the pages of our sacred texts.

6° of seperation 600 hundred year's between the masters teachings of we are not idols.

As I squandered through lands where bobble heads represent noble faith.

Reminiscing over my beating heart playing the sound of the drum when we were our own priests to the temples we hold so dear.


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013


Was it I reflected in her iris in his image, and all images reflected the self that once stood beyond Jacobs ladder.

Stepping into 13 dimensional hyper cosmology and 7 levels of space to infinite skies above Saturn's rings.

The 7 centers illuminations spherical auras, incantations of the sacred 9 & 9 equation of 108 chanting pentacles in the circle of life.

Dragon lines grid the planets ring of fire, while magnetic fields remain distorted migrations flock to dying sunsets...the blood moon rises over vallies.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Legendary Status

Some Go Madd, others Go blind, a few commit suicide, while others Design.

In these hour's I step into the red sea...crossing by way the rings of Saturn.

Until the dawn raises the dew to glisten as light shed upon, these new creations the witching hours bred.

Liberty caps stretching out to eclipse the moon, its gills release spores into akashic winds...spreading magic touched by the breathe of the Sun...

Dresses emerge from the fields to caress the light of the sun, in search for it's host.

And somewhere out amongst the concrete and spit...rumors still causing whispers in the playgrounds.

About his silver thread, in order to fully extract the maddness, and evoke dreams into designs...

Count Mezuesta, used only the finest threads made of hair, from his own head.

And if you are ever walking in the streets of pioneer square Seattle and listen closey while the city sleeps...

You can hear his shears softly snipping carried by the winds.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Holding Lights

The best way to learn is to teach...the best way in learning teaching is to feel... She spoken in Sanskrit tongues of sacred origins.

Reflecting on the self looking into the aetheric mirror ... see ing the now for what it Is. Is, is, present the dynamics of illuminant imagery we think...human.

looked back and seen nothing...leave it be the past... yet they still preach past and how do we break binds... in doing so, we may live in the presence.

Presence of self and the awareness of now, and now the question...why? Am I here. 

Where am I going,
who...will I become?

I a world of spirits, feelings arise am I surrounded by illusions...illustration of heart, agony, love, war, and infinitely asking the Gods, will we ever see world peace?

The answers are...
always, and will be.
Remaing transparent...
until we see the glass that is... holding the reflections in its place...


Alchemical Whispers: Insomniax Doktrine Vol.II

A book of my writings from 2012 compiled into a traveling paperback.π=SL75

Walls of Exodus

Crainium dwelling in this cave...pondering where I sit. What these thoughts become when fragments Connect to one another. 

Sipping saliva off the serpants toungue yet there is no more room to fathom what is past and where does the present begin and the future end.

The future cannot end only the present so one should not look towards the doomsday, and cast a curse upon the self for falling in love with illusion.

See one inside the vesica piecies seen through pupils of the synthetic diamond as the canvas blurs into nothing the secrets of wholeness merge with the dust written on walls of Exodus.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Dear Madame Blavatsky

Dear Madame Blavatsky,

  It has been quite some time now that you have ascended back into the akashic mist, and still through the street your name can be heard. even though your not physically here your voice is still heard and many of the seeds you planted here have grown into some complex equations solved, and yet your still misunderstood even after science finally caught up to your insights.

From: mental, physical, astral, metaphysics and all you have brought into light for the new age... I still ponder why then some people still slander your name though your "theories" some of which have been proven by mainstream science years later. though you tried to merge the arts, stones are still castes through v-logs on the inter-web, and false media, conspiracies.

   I have seen many oddities in my lifetime that I would have loved to have asked your interpretations; I call out in dreams, your name hoping for a glimpse into observation and always end up back at the self reflected in the eyes of others...through them you speak in tongues at times it is hard for me to decipher, and I remember the silence...softly greeting me. 

 How honest its voice as the glass shatters between hemispheres what really lay beyond the horizon. and I hear her voice again; "The Banshee" calling out my name once again i only see her lips move before she disappears...what was it she said to me? was she the banshee my true mother? of what planet origin was she? and when...or will she ever come back to me?

  Or was she a Sylph? and was the orb that wore tentacles a companion or one from a different side? why can I not remember our conversation but the images play in my head like a movie. a silent film I try to read her lips...and I hear the Voice of Silence.

    Creativly Yours,

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lunar Bird Tales

Watching raindrops gathering on the windshield...Like stars painting the midnight skies.

I see what is above reflected in the glow, through the mist of the hevens on earth.

Surrounded by the dawn of mechanical mathmatical equations, powered by what took millions of years to create.

In her Orbit the sun witnesses forgiveness she gave and has given for the sake of evolution.

Entering the 5th element full cycle of the snake is complete...

another light year passes, Dragon lines shifting with equators all will be well.

The world isn't ending its changing being depleted by junkies of the element.

The only thing left to transform is thoughts of the people, listen to the birds story radiating from the moonlight.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Land of the Preach

At times, feeling as if I were 1 tongue vs. 1000 ear drums...

The only thing in common is that none of them can hear me.

At times, feeling as if I am that man standing on the milkcrate..

Ranting about your sinz in the presence of God,

Dismissing my own, cause I wield the megaphone. 

As the passing of 2012 World's end...

The Pope retired & there is still talks of New World Order.

A 500ton meteor misses our planet by 2700kilom-eters...

3 asteroids hit the planet, a UFO was spotted...

And you say to me...everything distasteful & bitter...

I start Drifting...
off, back into the silence.

And the only thing we have in common is that, I cant hear you...


It occurred to me later that night as I slumbered.

Why would the gods hear us out, when we don't even hear each other.


Earth Gazing

Gazing at the world from star eye level witnesses clouds caressing magnetic fields.

The map before thine eyes read;"You are Here"...

Surrounded by the masses in the same dimension in the now yet there is still so much separation.

In desperation to bring back the oneness, jets climax explosive radiation in the name of unity...

Yet all heroes are forgotten and we still praise wars in the name of Gods & Prophets...

Yet most of our pockets remain empty and children are still starving, being sold, and orphaned.

with all this "power" we the people have resolved nothing but attained reservoirs of bitter memories.

Where do lost souls go after the sounds of thunder, fire, and dark clouds fade into aether.

As all energies return to the womb of the mother, waiting upon the next fertile spirit of the father.


You are Here...So are we.


Ouroboros Waking

While in meditation pointing ones tounge up and into the "pool of heaven" spine is like an erect snakes body and tongue is its head.

Chin angled in 45 degrees with combonation of sinus, 3rd eye (2nd sight of the snake) and throat controlling the breathe as if. One was barely breathing.

While taking in the same amount of oxygen feels as if your breathing through your pores. Felling the same as it looks while a serpent breathing. 

Unleash coils inton the circle of life an encopass the Ouroboros from within when Kundalini becomes Shakti and births creation from the depths of all roots, syphoning electric raindrops caressing ones etheric shell...

And only time will tell what is meant for now, why does its essence linger in thy presence and where is tommorrow?


Passing Gates

I was walking in that dusty town one sumer night and watched the snowfall.

Streetlights glistening with frozen dew drops dripping a symphony in honor of the mid...night...sun.

I remember when the banshee stood like a bronze statue in the center of the hypnotic sun.

As birds harmonized with the eclipse blood red was the horizon as mars came closer to earth.

Chanting a wormhole the ancients escaped their doom...


Friday, April 19, 2013

Thoughts of a Lost Soul

Be as still as the water like the picture above, so the reflection remains un-distorted.
In observation my body is the mountain and inner cosmos is the water,
thought is like a pebble or fish jumping out of the still ness causing ripples,
which distort the reflection but underneath all the movement under the veil of the ripple the water remains still,
masked by the viel of its movement above.
Yet the mountain remains calm effortlessly until the rippling ripples of...
mara comes to a complete stop to find oneness with its surrounding,
simultaneously realizing it truly is,
and never will be everything and nothing all at once untouchable like the sun.