Monday, May 12, 2014


Contemplating surrender thoughts to silence, I ponder past seeing visions of presence. The mirror presents itself in my current States of mind, being heart one with soul. Preserverance through tests of times as enemies become allies as their voices carry throughout the silence.

Shatter all memoirs of ill intent others bestowing to cast away what light is left of a wick that holds no wax to bind its' light. But for that brief seems as if the ignites raw illumination.

Once blinded by the hands of time whispered nothings, to hold onto false hope, or what leads a man or woman to believe truth is the path of the wicked.

Salvation is nothing but a dream for the dweller, smelted within the glasses of helter-skelter, to seek beyond pillars, as All answers eminence from the beating sutra of the heart.

see the purity of my sons eyes and it reminds me of us all, so innocently blind of ourselves hidden behind the self. Accused of sleep walking, I am a self proclaimed sleepwalker living the dream.

Through humility a new found humbleness awakening from the nothing that shelters itself from the paths, or was it one for All?